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Professional Services

Our Lenos Professional Services Group will assist you to realize the full potential of the Lenos Platform and increase your return on investment by implementing the most effective Meeting Consolidation Strategy for your organization. We develop the most innovative software solutions to solve your unique business challenges and partner with market leaders for delivering value-added management services.


Software Strategy

Lenos consultants are domain experts in Strategic Meeting Management and technology, enterprise integration, and business process transformation.  They have extensive experience in implementing in large enterprises and are familiar with the associated complexities of leveraging the Lenos Platform for all departments that have a stake in leveraging the value of meetings — sales and marketing, human resources, meeting and travel professionals, and IT professionals.


Creative Services

One Platform – Lenos professional services consultants are ready to assist you with any of your creative development needs.  If you are too busy to meet a deadline or simply need support for developing motion graphs, images, or whole web site design and creation.

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9 am - 5 pm PT


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